Our Services

What can Twiggled do for you?

In addition to our powerful, easy to use website creation engine, Twiggled offers you the following high quality services.

Business Email

With the purchase of a Twiggled Package comes your very own Business Email address with us. 

Why not use your own email address that you have for free, you may be asking? Sure, you could do that, but with a business address that's actually linked to your website, it looks a lot more professional and it also looks reliable.

Getting in touch with, looks a lot more professional than getting in touch with


The first step to take when creating a website is securing a domain name for your website. 

You can create your very own domain name that is unique to you, or your website, as long as it isn't already taken of course.


Choose the package that suits your needs!

Each Twiggled Package has it's own unique features and perks, designed for different genres of website creators, such as yourself.