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Total Be is turning UK car insurance on its head...

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OK.. So I know when most people think of insurance they do not think of the word exciting.

Well this is. Mainly because as we have said in the video we are making it fairer for everyone.

For far too long people have felt the squeeze that owning a car brings on their finances.

Finances that are already squeezed to the brink for most people who live in the poorest and most expensive areas for car insurance.

To do this we had to look into what were the main causes for Car Insurance to be so high. There are many factors, and we will list some of those factors below.

What? It's not a postcode lottery?

What we mean by this is that Total Be is not a postcode lottery. But with many other insurance companies it is. On average between October 2015 and October 2016 London and Manchester's Car Insurance Premiums rose by 17% on average. Yet the rest of the country only increased by 13% on average. We want car insurance to be based on cars. Not crimes in general.

This Postcode Lottery is unfair as our findings have shown that living a few streets away can dramatically increase or decrease a person's insurance.


We insure the car, not the person!

The UK Car Insurance Industry is unique in the world, rather than insuring the car, people are insured to drive their car on key factors, such as age, gender and location.

Some of these key factors are taken internationally however they insure the vehicle so anyone with permission can drive the car. Even if they do not have insurance on another vehicle of their own. All they need is a valid licence.

We are not an insurance company. We work with international insurance companies to deliver cheaper, better and fairer car insurance to the UK car insurance market.

But do not worry you will not have to learn a new language. We will deal with your policy here in the UK from start to finish including any claims.

So how can we offer this?

By working with International Insurance companies who are not already in the UK market but are well established in other parts of the world we can utilise their underwriting and insurance and offer it here in the UK as their agents. This means you can deal with us throughout the process.

Many people have asked why they would want to do this. Well, using unique technologies and some improvements on current ones, we lower the risk to our insurance companies and decrease your premiums in the process. 

We will be fully signed up to the UK regulators as we will make sure all of you are getting the best service possible and at the same time getting all the benefits.