About Total Be

TOTAL BE was founded by Paul Turner, Robert Nazary and Paul Schiffer and is a UK company based just outside of Manchester.

The founders of TOTAL BE started this Journey as they knew there had to be a better way to offer Car Insurance.

Insurance in the UK is one of the highest in the world and many people are being priced out of owning a car. 

We wanted to help, by bringing a new way into the UK Motor Insurance Market.

Starting with Car Insurance we want to help everyone save on their car premiums.

Who are we?

Some years ago the founders Paul Turner, Robert Nazary and Paul Schiffer were talking about Car Insurance and realised we had the same idea some years before we had even met. Why was the person insured on the car. Why was it not like everywhere else we had been in the world where the car is insured and with the permission of the owner I could drive the vehicle as long as I had a valid licence.

Another issue we looked into was why was it so expensive in one place but not in another, it was a postcode lottery, and we had to know why. It shocked us and the more we looked into Car Insurance the more we realised this had to change.

Fast forward to a few years later and Total Be was born. The past few years have been spent researching and checking to make sure everything is possible within the current frameworks. 

Total Be is now ready to move forward and we are now Crowd Funding Investment to build the software and get the systems in place so we can start to offer this Cheaper, Better and Fairer Car Insurance in the UK.

A little history

Well we told you a little above. And it has been an amazing journey so far. But here is a little more.

So we initially called the company Less Insure but it quickly became apparent the name gave the wrong impression. After many months of Market research we settled on the new name Total Be.

There were three reasons for this, it says what we are, a company that offers; Total Cover, Total Peace of Mind and Total Choice, to choose what you feel is right for you.

So its been a long Journey. We founded the company in 2014 but were unable to start trading without the finances to create a huge project like this.

So we decided the first step was to do all our due dilligance to make sure this was all possible. And it is. We have spoken over the past few years with both the MIB and the FCA to confirm everything.

We created our brand to help us get started, both our Logo and mascot were created, with the help of a local artist Katherine Arrowsmith. We will add more images of the process as we go on.